FLEXTHERM Radiant Floor Heating

FLEXTHERM Radiant floor heating is an electrical heating system that is installed under your flooring. It provides an even layer of heat that radiates from the floor, keeping your home, and your feet, comfortable and warm.

Unlike traditional heating methods, which just heat the air in the room that eventually rises to the ceiling where it stays, radiant floor heating provides an even heat throughout the entire room starting at the floor. By heating the floor first, the heat is evenly distributed to heat additional furniture, walls and items in the room providing consistent, energy-efficient heating. Installing a FLEXTHERM floor heating system can reduce energy consumption up to 28%.

FLEXTHERM electric radiant heating systems are compatible most types of floor coverings in any room in the house including:

  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Solariums
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • ​Garage
  • Office

FLEXTHERM Radiant Heating Systems

Improve your heating system while saving money in your home or business this winter with these energy-efficient, easy to install systems from FLEXTHERM. With no maintenance required and no health risk to people young or old, they provide worry-free heating like you’ve never experienced before.

​Green Cable Surface

  • Adapts to all rooms regardless of size or shape
  • Designed for dry or wet environments
  • Easy installation

Green Cable Mat

  • Designed for square or rectangular rooms with no obstacles
  • Heating elements on self-adhesive substrate
  • For use with ceramic or natural stone

Green Cable Concrete

  • Installed directly in concrete slab during construction
  • Constant overall heating
  • Heats for longer periods of time
  • Provides major energy savings

FLEXTHERM Accessories

Make the most of your FLEXTHERM Radiant Floor Heating system and installation with these accessories.

  • FLEXSnap – installation system for use with Green Cable Surface
  • FLEXTest – Tests the integrity of the floor and heating system
  • FLEXGlide – For use with the FLEXSnap installation system
  • Programmable Electronic Thermostat
  • Non-programmable Electronic Thermostat
  • Expansion Units

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